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BIOTELEMETRY, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 10/30/2018
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expenses, primarily severance, legal and professional fees, legal fees related to patent litigation, costs related to restructuring programs aimed at streamlining operations and reducing future expense as well as other one-time items. These excluded charges are not part of the ongoing operations, and therefore, not reflective of our core operations. We view patent litigation as an extreme measure not typically required in our industry to protect a company’s intellectual property and which has not been common practice for us. We commenced patent litigation proceedings after we uncovered specific evidence of four distinct cases of misappropriation and infringement. We can choose to resolve the outstanding matters and terminate the expense at any time. We also included the income tax effect of these adjustments.
Adjusted net income attributable to BioTelemetry, Inc. for the third quarter 2017 excludes $8.2 million of other charges primarily resulting from the LifeWatch acquisition, $2.7 million of amortization expense related to LifeWatch intangibles, a $0.4 million expense for a foreign currency option related to the acquisition of LifeWatch, a $0.5 million loss on the extinguishment of debt, a $1.3 million gain on legal settlement, the tax effect of all of the adjustments, as well as the impact from the utilization of our net operating loss carryforwards.
In addition to adjusted income from operations, adjusted net income attributable to BioTelemetry, Inc. and adjusted net income per diluted share attributable to BioTelemetry, Inc., we also present adjusted EBITDA. This Non-GAAP financial measure excludes income taxes, interest, noncontrolling interest, other charges, other excluded items included in other income, depreciation and amortization and stock compensation expense. EBITDA is a widely accepted financial measure which we believe our stakeholders use to compare our ongoing financial performance to that of other companies. Adjusting our EBITDA for other charges and other one-time items is a meaningful financial measure as we believe it is an indication of our ongoing operations. In addition, we also add back stock-based compensation expense because it is non-cash in nature. Other companies in our industry may calculate adjusted EBITDA in a different manner.

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